10 Things You can Do with Tennis Ball

Tennis balls are inexpensive. They’re great for tennis, but after a while they lose their bounciness. Well you don’t have to throw them away. Once you learn the many things you can do with tennis balls other than play tennis you’re going to be running into the bushes behind the local tennis courts, or bribing ball-boys at Wimbledon. Laundry? Household cleaning? Parking? Massage?…..tennis balls are your answer.


10 Things You can Do with Tennis Ball

Refinishing a wooden floor is a time-consuming and expensive task. You can protect your floor from scratches by capping chair legs. Just cut an ‘X’ into the top of tennis balls and insert the legs into their warm embrace. Now your chairs will glide over your floor without doing any harm.   Not too pretty looking, but gets the job done.


10 Things You can Do with Tennis Ball 2

Now who doesn’t like their towels fluffy? It turns out tennis balls make a great replacement for dryer sheets regards to fluffiness. If you want to get rid of static and would like a nice scent, tennis balls aren’t your best option. Just toss a tennis ball into your dryer and hope the neighbors don’t call the cops complaining of the thudding noises.


10 Things You can Do with Tennis Ball 3

Sometimes it can be and difficult to pull into one’s garage without crashing into the back wall. Even though it’s not like landing an F-16 but pulling into the garage can require some tricky maneuvering. To save your garage from mass destruction why not dangle a tennis ball from your garage ceiling to mark where you should stop? Attach a tennis ball to a string and hang it where it will hit the center of your windshield signaling you to stop.


10 Things You can Do with Tennis Ball 4

We all love to swim in our swimming pools, but it’s a fact that swimming pools get nasty. The more people swimming, the more disgusting human grease floats to the top….YUCK!! Tennis balls can help absorb that people oil. The felt surface of the ball collects all the goop from the surface of the water. Toss in a few balls if your pool is looking shiny.


10 Things You can Do with Tennis Ball5

There’s a faster, better way to remove scuff marks and you guessed it…..it involves a tennis ball. Just put a tennis ball on a stick, rub vigorously on top of a scuff mark and just like magic the scuff mark erases away. The ball’s texture is rough without being abrasive and gentle enough for special surfaces.


10 Things You can Do with Tennis Ball6

10 Things You can Do with Tennis Ball7

After a long day of manual labor, you could us a massage, but you’re all alone……what to do? Once again your tennis ball comes to the rescue. Lie down on a tennis ball to get a great back massage or a ball against the wall also works or place the ball under your foot for a nice foot rub. Just place it where you need it most and wriggle around to get the best effect.


10 Things You can Do with Tennis Ball8

If you have kids of your own or are going to be hosting toddlers who are prone to running into sharp corners with the tender parts of their heads, try putting tennis balls over those table corners. It might not look too stylish but it’ll serve the purpose just fine.


10 Things You can Do with Tennis Ball9

Sanding is a necessary but unpleasant task that seems like a lot of time wasted. When you’re sanding a curve that needs to stay curvy, try wrapping a tennis ball with sandpaper. It’ll prevent the flat spots and unevenness that you might get if you were sanding by hand.


10 Things You can Do with Tennis Ball 10

Sometimes jars are shut so tightly, even Superman would have a tough time opening one. A tennis ball will make popping those lids off extremely easy. Cut along the seam of the ball. That’ll leave you with a little green piece coated with rubber on the inside. You’ll get a great grip to get a handle on the lid.


10 Things You can Do with Tennis Ball 11 

This is actually fun. You can cut a small slit into a tennis ball and slide a message inside and then throw it to the recipient, or you could place your money in it while at the gym.

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