10 facts about Bruce Lee

The martial arts super star died just at the age of 32 and left a whole lot of people grieving. He was and still is an inspiration to a very wide spectrum of professionals ranging from body builders to movie stars to martial artists. Today to pay a tribute to the departed we gathered 10 facts about Bruce Lee. We hope you like them.901716_10153530285045634_2117404246_o

1- Bruce Lee was super fast, movies back then were shot on 24 fps but Bruce’s films were shot on 32 fps. The reason was that contrary to speeding up martial arts movies, his movies were slowed down since he was so fast. His kicks and punches were lightning fast.

2- He could replace a coin resting on your hand before you had the time to close your hand. That is how fast he actually was.

3- Bruce could punch holes in a soda can with his finger, and he could do it when the can were actually made out of steel. Not the cans we use today.

4- He could do push-ups on just the thumb and index finger of one hand.

Bruce Lee Two Finger Pushup

5- Bruce could hold the elevated V-sit position for up to 30 mins.

6- One of the famous techniques he mastered was the one inch punch. He demonstrated this technique on Bob Baker. Bob Baker said ” I told Bruce not to do this type of demonstration again. When he punched me the last time, I had to stay home from work because the pain in my chest was unbearable.

Lee One Inch Punch

7- Bruce use to take private lessons and teach martial arts. Demand for his private Kung Fu lessons grew so high and his hourly rate soared to as much as $275 per hour.

8- Way back in Lee’s teenage years, he was a gang leader. The name of his group was known as “The Tigers of Junction Street.”

Childhood Photo

9-Lee is best known as a martial artist, but he also studied drama and philosophy while a student at the University of Washington. He was well-read and had an extensive library. His own books on martial arts and fighting philosophy are known for their philosophical assertions, both inside and outside of martial arts circles.

10- Bruce Lee Jun Fan Yuen Kam is his full birth name.

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