10 best photos from National Geographic traveller’s photo contest: Volume 1

Today we present to you the 10 best pictures that we have picked out for you from the National Geographic traveller’s photo contest. As always every picture is a winner and in absolute term no two pictures can be compared however we do hope that you like the pictures we choose for you. You can check out the volume 2 here.

Tiger Duel:

Tiger Duel

Last Click?


The Fierce Elephant:

Stay Away

Unusual Friendship:

Unusual Friendship

Lazy Chimp:

Lazy Chimp

Parrot Love:

Parrot Love

Fish on a Stick:

Fish on a Stick

Effects of war:

Effects of War

One Cool Kangaroo:

One Cool Kangroo

Naughty Monkey:

Naughty Monkey

Special thanks to boredpanda.

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